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We are committed to improving the lives of our patients at Columbus Behavioral Health. By receiving our counseling and therapy services, we believe we can help you feel stronger in the face of challenges, change behaviors and thinking that hold you back, help you heal from the past, assist you with building relationship skills, strengthen your self-confidence, help you cope with symptoms and support you by helping you handle strong emotions like fear, grief, or anger.

We offer individual therapy for ages 5 and up, but ages treated vary by provider.

Benefits of Counseling & Therapy

What concerns are addressed?

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What Concerns are Addressed

learning disabilities Columbus Behavioral Health

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities look very different from one child to another. ​One child may struggle with reading and spelling, while another loves books but can’t understand

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counseling near me in Columbus Ohio

Gender Issues

Individuals who identify as transgender tend to experience higher rates of mental health issues than the general population, in part due to the experience of

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general mental health resources

General Mental Health Resources

Crisis/Inpatient Psychiatric Services: Netcare Access: 24/7 Crisis Stabilization or 614-276-2273 Dublin Springs Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry OSU Harding Hospital Riverside Hospital Crisis/Inpatient Psychiatric Services: Mental Health

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Addiction in Relationships

Is Addiction Ruining your Relationship? Whether the addiction is behavioral (e.g., gambling, porn, shopping, gaming), or chemical (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, pills, or illegal drugs)– addiction

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