Columbus Behavioral Health


We are a collaborative practice of independent behavioral health providers committed to improving the lives of patients.


We are committed to improving the lives of our patients through therapy and counseling. We want to help you reach your mental health goals by partnering with you on your mental health journey. Schedule an appointment with a therapist that matches your mental health needs.


Psychiatric Medications can often reduce or even eliminate symptoms of mental illness. If you would like to learn more about psychiatric medications, please schedule an initial medication evaluation. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner or a psychiatrist will assist you with your medication needs.

Who we are

Columbus Behavioral Health is an Association of Independent Providers. We provide therapy and medication management and we have locations in Dublin and Westerville, Ohio. The providers affiliated with Columbus Behavioral Health, LLC. are independent contractors who each operate their own legally separate businesses, but who have agreed to cooperate jointly to ensure quality patient care. All providers are associated with OhioHealth Clinically Integrated Network, which means that we strive to collaborate in new ways to ensure quality, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs for patients while also taking care of the providers who make it all possible.

What makes Columbus Behavioral Health different?

At Columbus Behavioral Health, we believe that providers who are overworked and underpaid do not provide the best quality patient care. We believe in measurement to determine if our treatments are working and if both providers and patients feel satisfied with their experience. We believe in democratic practice management in the hopes that giving providers a vote and a voice in how the practice is run, will enable them to provide optimal patient care.

Patient Testimonials