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Current Patients

* Patients must physically be in Ohio, even for virtual visits.

To schedulereschedule, or cancel an appointment after office hours, please use one of the following options:

*Messages are time/date stamped and we will use this information to determine if the cancellation was outside 48 hours.

Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance are considered late cancellations and are subject to a late cancellation fee, at the provider’s discretion. These fees are not billable to insurance and are fully your responsibility.

$0 for first late cancel/no show in calendar year
$65 for 2nd late cancel/no show in calendar year
$125 for 3rd late cancel/no show in calendar year
$190 for 4th+ late cancel/no show in calendar year

Appointment reminders are sent as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to know when you have an appointment scheduled. Not getting an appointment reminder or not seeing it until it was within 48 hours does not waive late cancellation fees.

Call us at 614.360.2600, option 1.
Please do NOT register as a new patient as this will create a duplicate chart that will be deleted.

Send a secure message through the PATIENT PORTAL or go to their profile page and use their contact form to send them a message.

Make sure you sign the informed consent for telehealth that your provider assigns to you in the patient portal. 

*Please complete the form one time. It is not specific to provider and does not need to be completed for every appointment.

*Please provide one signed consent form for each patient, including couples.