Meet Laura Keating, a Mental Health Counselor at Columbus Behavioral Health

mental health counselor Laura Keating

Laura Keating, a mental health counselor at Columbus Behavioral Health shares her mental health counseling experience and expertise.

Mental Health Counseling Experience

Columbus Behavioral Health: How long have you been practicing?

Laura Keating: I have been practicing as a licensed professional for around four years. I also was fortunate enough to gain experience counseling for several years during my graduate studies as well.

Columbus Behavioral Health: What populations do you have experience with?

Laura Keating: I started my career working with college folks with disabilities. I have specialized working with the LGBTQIA+ population for several years. I also specialize working with mood concerns such as Depression and Anxiety.

Columbus Behavioral Health: Do you only work with people struggling with identity or disabilities.

Laura Keating: Definitely not. This is a niche of mine that I am passionate about, but aim to be treat various types of people. I am open to counseling all populations.

Mental Health Therapy Style

Columbus Behavioral Health: How would you describe your style of therapy? 

Laura Keating: I would describe my style as conversational, compassionate and straightforward. I value directness and communication in the therapy space greatly. I also believe in a person-centered approach and always aim to hold unconditional support towards my clients.

Columbus Behavioral Health: How do you usually get started with people?

Laura Keating: I like to start slowly and have a conversation about a person’s passions and interests. I then like to learn what is most important to the client in terms of their treatment. I aim to normalize the awkwardness that can occur in the beginning of a therapeutic relationship and build a healthy dynamic.

Mental Health Counseling Progress

Columbus Behavioral Health: How do you usually look for progress in your client?

Laura Keating: I look for a client to report that their quality of life and overall happiness or confidence has improved. I also look for measurable evidence such as questionnaires to track progress.

Columbus Behavioral Health: Are there other parts of your experience that feel important for people to know?

Laura Keating: I am very excited to be part of the Columbus Behavioral Health team. I hope to serve as a helpful and empathetic support person to the clients I see.

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