Counseling & Therapy – Common Misconceptions & Finding the Right Therapist

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If you are seeking help for a mental health condition, therapy or counseling may be the best option for you. Therapy gives people a long-term solution to help manage feelings that may affect your daily routines or functions. If you are trying to manage or find support for current circumstances, counseling may be a good fit for you and may provide a short term fix to an issue you are dealing with.

Common Misconceptions about Attending Therapy or Counseling 

Often times, people believe if you go to therapy, you will automatically be referred for medication. While it is true that some people who go to therapy end up taking medication, the majority of people do not. And even if you do take medication for a time, you probably will not need to be on it forever. Everyone is different, and if that is a concern for you, then you need to disclose that to your provider.

Other misconceptions about therapy include believing other people might think you are crazy if you attend therapy. Therapy is often vital to get healthy and stay healthy just like you go to the dentist to keep your teeth healthy and prevent other dental issues. It is not a sign of weakness that you get your teeth cleaned every 6-12 months, it is a sign of taking your health seriously and preventing bigger problems before they occur by being proactive. The same is to be said of your mental, psychological health!

Another misconception we often hear is how difficult it can be to find a counselor/provider. This is sometimes because many providers are in solo private practice and do not have full-time administrative office help. So, if you call or email and don’t get a response, that could be the reason for the difficulty. At Columbus Behavioral Health, we strive to make it easy to schedule an appointment by having an office staff to assist you with the process. We recommend being open with your availability. You will have fewer options of therapists to work with if you are only willing to be seen at 5 PM or on the weekends. The more availability you can provide, your willingness to use to the online scheduler or patient portal, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a counselor quickly.

We Believe Finding a Therapist is Easier than Ever

It is easier than ever to find a therapist, because most therapists these days have websites, most are seeing patients in person and virtually, taking insurance and accepting new patients. The best place to start when searching for your therapist or counselor is by being honest with yourself about two or three issues that are really causing you emotional pain, and looking for a provider who specializes in these issues. Most people do not know that different therapists specialize in different presenting mental health challenges. So, if you go to a therapist to talk about your work stress, when what you really need to talk about is your obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD, you may or may not get help that you need. OCD requires some amount of specialization, as do eating disorders, infertility, substance abuse, chronic pain, etc.

At Columbus Behavioral Health, we offer information about each of our therapists and what they specialize in. We work hard to match you up with a therapist that we feel is the best fit to help you reach your mental health goals. To learn more about our therapists in the Central  Ohio area, visit our provider directory or call our office to speak with our office staff about which therapist may be best for your mental health journey.

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