ADHD Testing Resources in Central Ohio

Unfortunately at Columbus Behavioral Health, we do not offer ADHD Testing at the moment. To help guide you with your search for a provider that may help with testing, we have created a list to help make your search easier. The following is a list of providers in the Columbus area who provide testing.

This is not an exhaustive list of all providers in the area, nor is inclusion on this list endorsement from Columbus Behavioral Health. We do not have information on whether they are accepting new patients nor what insurances they accept, if any. Please contact them directly for more information. Typically “children” includes adolescents. Contact the provider for specifics.

We do offer treatment for ADHD and have many providers that may assist you or your child with this type of treatment.

ADHD Testing Providers in the Central Ohio Area:

Dr. Julie Canfield (children and adults)
Dr. Kerry Monahan (children)
Dr. Amy Boland (children)
Dr. Anthony Rivers/Customized Behavioral Healthcare (children; screenings for adults)
Dr. Shannon Johnson/Metta Psychology (children)
Dr. Andrew Colvin (children)
Dr. Michelle Spader (children and adults)
Dr. Tim Luis (children and adults)
Dr. Sande Webster (children and adults)
Dr. Richard C. Davis/Comprehensive Services (children)
Dr. Ryan Hansen/Reset Button Counseling (adults 18+)
Dr. Kara Predmore/Converge Psychological Services (teens and adults)
Dr. Allison Houle/Advanced Forensic and Psychological Services (children and adults)
Focused Mind ADHD Counseling (adults)
Reset Button Counseling (Adults 18+)

For ADHD Treatment Options, please visit our provider directory, or call our office for support.

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