ADHD Medication Resources

We understand it can be difficult to find a prescriber for ADHD medications.

Will the CNP at Columbus Behavioral Health prescribe them? 
No, our Certified Nurse Practitioner cannot prescribe these medications for you, and neither can any other CNP in the outpatient setting.

Why not?
The typical medications used to treat ADHD symptoms are classified as Schedule II Controlled Substances. The Ohio Revised Code has specific regulations around this category of drug, restricting CNPs from prescribing them except in specific situations or settings. ORC 4723.481

Who can prescribe ADHD Medications?
Typically a MD or DO.
They can be prescribed by a CNP IF that CNP is part of facility with a supervising physician, or in another specifically listed setting such as a community mental health center, a hospital or facility owned or operated by a hospital, a facility operated by the board of health, etc. ORC 4723.481
Some primary care physicians will prescribe, and you can ask yours, but many will not.

Do you have a list of providers who can help me? 
Sorry, no, we do not.
​But an excellent resource is Mental Health America of Ohio’s Get Connected program. They maintain a database of resources and exist to help you get connected to appropriate mental health care in the area. Their phone number is 614-242-4357.

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