Requesting a copy of your records

Requesting and receiving records from Columbus Behavioral Health is an easy process.

​The patient or the patient’s legal representative (parent, legal guardian, healthcare power of attorney, or executor/administrator) may obtain a copy of the patient’s records by completing the records request/release form. The records will be provided within 7-10 business days after receipt of the written request (submitted electronically online). There is no fee for processing single record requests. However, multiple requests, or more than one request within a 90 day period, may be assessed a fee in accordance with the Ohio Medical Records Index.


If the provider determines that disclosure of the full records is reasonably likely to cause substantial harm to the patient or another individual, the patient/representative will be notified and may choose to receive a treatment summary instead of full notes; meet with a therapist to review the contents of the records; or have the records sent to a mental health provider or physician the patient designates.

The Open Notes Rule

The Open Notes rule is for specific ONC Certified electronic records systems, which are mostly used in large hospital systems. We, like most counseling practices, use a practice management system, not an ONC certified electronic record system. This type of system is not required to provide patient’s access to records through the patient portal. We adhere to the Open Notes rule by providing an easy, written process for patients to request records and fulfilling requests in a timely manner.

Records Request Form